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Executive Trackers is an innovative search firm providing recruiting services such as: executive, sales, marketing, and technology search services. Our skilled and experienced Phoenix recruiters can help a growing company find the local talent you are searching for. Executive Trackers is a recruiting firm that works with clients across the country and assists organizations in bettering their business model through the development of more successful employees. In today's competitive market, every business needs good a recruiter to properly grow their organizations. Hiring a skilled recruiter is one of the best organizational development steps a company can take.

While some companies think that they are able to post a job and hope that the right candidate will find it, successful organizations understand that this is not a competitive move and does not effectively engage top talent. In today's job market, a company needs to be networked with sales and marketing recruiters in Phoenix, Arizona if they are seeking to hire. If a company is not hiring the best candidates in the Phoenix job market, their competition is. Executive Tracker's recruitment network partners can give a business the upper hand in today's market, through their network of top notch employee's. The Executive Trackers search and recruitment team have developed the latest tools and technology that can effectively produce the results business clients are looking for quickly.

Sales and Marketing Recruitment

Executive Trackers is known to recruit top sales and marketing professionals across many market segments. Having a skilled Phoenix sales recruiter or a Phoenix sales headhunter on your team can be key to the growth of any organization. Executive Tracker’s skilled team of sales and marketing recruiters have placed many talented business development professionals with clients from coast to coast.

Management and Executive Recruitment

Recruiting and hiring top management professionals are key to the growth of an organization. A manager has the ability to affect the environment of many employees in a company, thus it is important a company hires the manager who will contribute to the team’s success. Working with an executive recruiter in Phoenix can be a valuable resource to your HR needs.  Read more about our executive recruitment services.

Technology and Engineering Recruitment

Executive Trackers has technical Phoenix IT recruiters that can find top technology and engineering talent in the Phoenix Arizona local area. Whether a hiring manager is looking for an Software Developer or a Mechanical Engineer, the Executive Trackers technical recruiting team is up to the task.  Read more about our technical recruiting services.


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Still wondering if you need the help of our sales and management recruiting team?

Here is the latest data from the skills gap survey that states the overwhelming need for qualified sales professionals and the limited available talent.   Recruiting sales and sales management talent ranks in the top 100 list of challenging jobs to fill in the latest survey.


OccupationHiring IndicatorActive SupplyDemandAverage Salary
Sales Agents, Financial Services 42 100,903 695,599 64,469
Sales Engineers 27 13,378 135,419 94,151
Sales Managers 37 178,283 849,439 93,019
Sales Representatives, Services, All Other 34 122,256 971,943 70,821
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products 32 62,236 497,243 90,504
Advertising Sales Agents 31 18,348 210,761 95,214
Insurance Sales Agents 38 74,040 665,029 60,360
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists 44 88,971 424,446 66,019
Marketing Managers 30 171,933 1,043,067 92,011



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Economic Profile

In major job markets, as defined as those markets with greater than 1 million jobs, Greater Phoenix ranked number 1 in employment growth prior to the recession beginning in 2007. Just three years later, it ended its free fall in job growth by hitting the bottom of the list of those 28 major markets, dead last. However, 2013 saw Greater Phoenix rebound to 7th. Arizona's year-over-year job growth (of which Phoenix is the main driver) continued to outpace the nation through August 2013. Arizona's year-over-year job growth was at or above 2.0% each month of that year. In contrast, national job growth was between 1.5% and 1.7% on a year-over-year basis. Arizona is forecast to regain its previous employment peak in 2015, making it eight years for the state to get back to even terms after the Great Recession; the national economy is currently forecast to replace all of the jobs lost by 2014, one year earlier than Arizona. - source: Wikipedia