Do You Charge Candidates (Job Seekers)?

Absolutely not. Our client is the company that is hiring. They provide us a list of requirements they are looking for in a candidate, and we hunt down top talent. When we contact you, consider it a compliment as we strategically try to target the very best in the industry, but don't expect us to charge you a penny, even if we help you reformat your resume for the opportunity with our client, or offer you interview advice and coaching.

In fact, we strongly recommend that you look into any recruiter attempting to charge you pretty heavily if you are a candidate. Before paying any recruiter that charges candidates, always make sure they are performing a service for you, preferably one with documented results such as resume writing. While we do help with resumes and offer candidate coaching and advice, this is exclusive for candidates who are being submitted to our open opportunities and performed on an as needed basis. And, we'll never charge candidates for these additional services if we do happen to offer them to you. 

If you'd like to be included in our network of candidates, please register with us. You may also view our open jobs here