Employers - What is the Difference Between Contingency and Retained?

The terms contingency and retained typically refer to the type of payment model in a recruiters contract with an employer. 

Retained recruitment is a method used when the employer pays the recruiter, whether or not they find the right candidate. One of the downfalls in this model is the risk involved, however, there is typically more brand advertising associated with this. 

Contingency recruitment is when the recruiter is only paid by the client if they find the best candidate for the role, that the client then makes the decision to hire. This is also known as a 'pay for results' model, and recruiters who work with this type of fee typically have to be pretty good at their job in order to stay in business. 

Executive Trackers offers both options, with no qualms about the pay for results model. The retained model does serve as a sort of free PR for the company as well, however. With both options, we focus on candidates we feel will be retained long term by the company. Ultimately, though, the decision of whom to hire is the employers.