How Can I Maximize My Experience With Your Firm?

There are several things our clients can do to maximize the experience with our company, ensuring you are able to achieve the best possible results. 

Communicate Often. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and call or email us. The more communication we receive from you, the more we understand the position and your ideal candidate.

Provide Examples. Believe it or not, job descriptions are not always the most effective way to communicate what you are looking for. One of the best ways to help us really target your next employee, is by providing examples on the following:

  • Candidates who experienced success in a similar role with your organization, and what personality traits and experience they may have that you felt helped them really succeed. 
  • Candidates in a similar role who did not work out, and what factors you feel contributed to their failure in the role. There are several adjustments we can make regarding our screening process to help avoid some of the mistakes the previous recruitment firms you have worked with may have made. 

Consider Flexibility. While many of our clients have strict guidelines, from everything as far as degree majors and budgetary allowances, allowing for flexibility in areas you are able to will dramatically increase the quality of industry leaders you receive. For example, a candidate who is asking a salary that is ten percent higher than you are willing to pay, but who also has excellent connections they feel they can immediately bring on board, may be worth the increase if you are able to accommodate that sort of flexibility. You can sometimes compromise base salary factors by offering other options, such as a re-evaluation for growth potential after three months, equity, or a higher commission structure. Some of our candidates also prefer certain quality of work-life balance factors over a salary increase, such as flex time or vacation perks. We recommend providing a wide salary range so that we are able to send a variety of candidates of different calibers, in order for you to properly be able to assess  what you will be getting for your money.

Ask for Our Involvement in the Salary Negotiation Process. We have been working with clients in this industry for over a decade, and chances are hiring is not your sole responsibility or industry. We are able to serve as a third party intermediary that our clients feel very comfortable communicating what they need in salary. This includes feedback or current living circumstances that they may not always feel as comfortable conveying directly to companies, since we are less biased. While our fee is usually determined by a percentage of (but not removed from) the candidate's annual base salary, we do not negotiate the base higher just to receive a larger check. We would much rather retain your repeat business and make sure all parties are happy and the deal is closed as opposed to going for the higher bottom line ourselves. We have frequently negotiated higher bonuses or commission rates/sign on checks in order to help our clients bring on candidates who would otherwise not fit into your budget, since those additional compensation factors would not raise our fee.

We are also able to help avoid candidates walking away from offers that might have otherwise been saved, by discussing verbal offers before issuing the written offer. However, if you prefer to handle the offer stage internally, we understand and always try to accommodate our client's individual needs.