I'm a recruiter, or want get into recruitment. How do I apply with your firm?

You can apply to work with us here. We are always open to hiring recruiters, and also offer paid internships that involve more than just recruiting tasks. This is an ideal place to get to know a diverse range of industries, and how people work at different capacities. Recruitment can be exciting in that you get the chance to converse with, and assess, some of the most talented industry leaders.  

Please be specific about your salary expectations, including any hourly rate or salary options. We like to hire people from different backgrounds, as thought diversity is incredibly important to us. Please tell us about yourself, including what you are looking for, and where you see yourself in the future. 

We are based out of the Bay Area of California, but don't let our location limit you from applying with us if we are not local to you. We work with remote candidates often, and it usually minimizes expenses for us, and our clients.