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Jonathan Hogan
Sales Manager
2016-01-22, 21:47
Thank you for filling our last position so quickly. It’s great to be operating with a full team again. I will most certainly reach out if we have any openings in the future. Executive Trackers has been wonderful to work with (on both ends!).
Richard C.
2015-06-17, 13:56
Thanks for creating such a pleasant recruiting and hiring experience. It was a pleasure working with you!
Jin Kim
C2 Education
2014-10-31, 22:13
My experience with Executive Trackers was the process of 'dream-come-true.' For busy professionals and business owners who are looking for the best employees and the team members, Executive Trackers is the place that they will find the top notch people they've been hoping for!
Scott Kim
Dasan Networks
2014-10-21, 15:48
“We have enjoyed immensely working with Executive Trackers, our agent has provided the excellent service to find the right candidate. We are very confident and looking forward to working with our new employee we have chosen through Executive Trackers. It is highly recommended to utilize Executive Tracker’s service. It will pay off for your company’s bright future.”
Andy M.
2014-10-20, 18:56
You guys are excellent to work with!

From my experience, I was very comfortable and relaxed during the whole process.
This is mainly due to your communication skills which is unlike any other recruiters that I have worked with in the past.
"clear, professional, relaxed and knowledgeable".
You were easily available to get in touch with when I had any questions.
Also I greatly appreciate your followup process.
2014-10-20, 18:00
The team at Executive Trackers was instrumental in assisting me in finding a new position when my previous organization was sold. The team at Executive Trackers identified skill sets that were needed for my new organization and matched them to my core competencies. The fit was ideal and I am very happy with my new role. I would have never found this opportunity without Executive Trackers help. Thanks to the recruitment team for their effort and commitment in helping me change jobs.
2014-09-29, 14:13
It was great working with you on our recent recruitment needs in Sales and Support. You understood our needs well, and were responsive. The pipeline was steady, it’s quality improved with our interactions and your insight on the candidates always relevant, resulting in good hires for all the positions you worked with us. We look forward a long term association and success in future needs.
M. Gray
2013-04-22, 17:09
The ET recruiting team is a great staffing resource for technical and engineering professionals
Alberto S
Systech Solutions
2013-04-22, 17:08
Executive Trackers is effective, diligent and easy to work with. I highly recommend them