What are the Advantages to Working with a Remote Recruiting Firm?

We have found that in our industry, while we could interview candidates face to face for our clients,it doesn't compare to the experience employers receive when they meet the candidate themselves. We specialize in the hunting process, but you understand your internal day to day operations best. Even if we worked internally at your specific location we would still probably want you to meet with the candidate in person yourself, unless the daily role involves working with recruiting.

While we do handle the initial screening process and conduct video interviewing on request, we arrange for our clients to meet with the candidates face to face. We handle all of the scheduling and coaching, depending on the client's specific requests and needs. It's important to convey as much information as possible about how you would like the process to work from your end. Some of our clients like to take more of this into their own hands, while others prefer we save them as much time as possible. 

In order to find out how well a candidate picks up social cues, body language, and presents themselves, we are willing to conduct video interviewing on request. The costs and time that would otherwise be spent on the required office space and in person interviewing goes directly back into the resources to make sure we are reaching as many candidates as we can. 

For companies based out of the Silicon Valley area, we are willing to conduct in person interviews for retained contracts only.