Why is it Beneficial to Work with a Firm in My Job Search?

There are many reasons that it can be beneficial for a candidate to work with a recruitment firm as opposed to solely applying directly to positions. These reasons include, but may not be limited to:

We Serve as a Less Biased Intermediary When working with a recruitment firm, you are able to provide blunt feedback about the company, or ask direct questions that you may not always feel comfortable or be in a position to with an internal person who may take offense or not have as much time. This is especially helpful in clearing up misconceptions, and can be handy during salary negotiations as well. We also help you maximize the interview process by answering as many questions as you can about the company in advance, allowing you to spend most of the time doing what you should in an initial interview: explaining why you feel you would be a good fit for the role. Just like we screen out candidates who aren't qualified, we also screen out companies and positions that aren't the best fit for you, so that you don't waste your time. 

Cross Recruiting When one position that we submitted you to does not work out for whatever reason, we often have other clients or positions that open up that you may be a fit for. We will, of course, always confirm your interest before sending you forward to any new opportunity not previously discussed. This saves you time in explaining your situation, as we add notes to our applicant tracking system as well. 

Customized Coaching At Executive Trackers, we thoroughly understand that the best candidate may not always interview the best initially. While we do narrow down a list of the most qualified candidates, screening out based on criteria and assessing communication skills for our clients, we also recognize when top candidates have a ton of potential but aren't use to interviewing. We are sometimes able to offer honest and customized suggestions, but we also recommend checking out our quick presentation on Preparing for the In Person Interview before the meeting, as well as check out our other suggestions.