Why is the Company Name Sometimes Confidential?

Firstly, it's important to note that we do not work on positions where we do not have contracts, either directly with the company (the most frequent situation) or with an intermediary who has a contract with the company and requires our assistance. We also will not submit you to a position without your consent. We respect confidentiality on both the employer and candidate end. We ask that candidates not apply past experiences with other firms to our specific company, as we do everything we can to improve both quality and ethics throughout the process, attempting to transform the way recruitment firms have been previously viewed.


There are several reasons why we may keep a position confidential. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Time Management Most of our clients choose to contact us because they are unable to find the time to manage the hunt and screen process. Many of them hold jobs themselves that do not focus solely on hiring, and therefore we are brought on to help them do what they do best: running their company. Most of our clients don't have time to go through candidates that aren't fits for positions, so we do that for them. As we tend to be good at what we do, however, this does not always apply and we are sometimes even contacted by staffing firms for assistance.
  • Confidentiality When a company has to replace an employee, this is often a valid reason for our not disclosing the position. There are other strong confidentiality reasons that a company may specifically choose to remain confidential for that go far beyond just replacement reasons.
  • Protecting a Brand Candidates applying to positions they aren't well qualified for is a frequent scenario. When a company manually rejects applicants directly from their brand, there is sometimes a negative association made. And brands often receive applicants from their customers. This is just another reason a company may prefer a position is kept confidential.
  • Our Contract For obvious reasons, we like our clients to know where they are getting their candidates from, so that we receive credit. There are plenty of stories within the staffing industry of ideal candidates trying to go around their recruitment firms and not landing the position for purely ethical reasons. Typically, companies like to know their employees are trustworthy. There are other reasons, as well, to work with a firm including being considered for other positions if the one we contact you does not work out.  

We will always, however, confirm your interest in a role before sending you forward as well as divulge the name and enough information for you to be able to do your due diligence in researching the company prior to the phone/in person interview. We also highly recommend you let us know any companies you have applied to or are interviewing with, so we aren't cross submitting you, although many of our clients are exclusive with our firm. If you have any questions regarding the company size, corporate culture, position details, etc, please let us know.